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Taquería El Poblano boasts four thriving locations across Southern California, each serving up the essence of Tijuana's culinary heritage. As we continue to grow, our commitment to delivering the finest Mexican flavors remains unwavering. Join us on this flavorful adventure, and let your taste buds revel in the taste of Tijuana, right here in the heart of Southern California.


Meet Daniel Alonso, the visionary owner of Taquería El Poblano, a true testament to the pursuit of a dream and the love for authentic Mexican cuisine.


For Daniel, the journey began in Compton, where he dreamt of sharing his famous tacos estilo Tijuana with the world, particularly near the enchanting Disneyland.


This dream was seven years in the making, marked by unwavering determination and countless sacrifices. Today, after successfully launching two thriving restaurants in Compton, he proudly opened his third location in Anaheim just a week ago, making his dream a delicious reality.


Daniel's journey to success has been shaped by his incredible passion for excellence. Originally hailing from Puebla, he ventured to Tijuana in the late 2000s, where he embarked on his culinary odyssey. It was in Tijuana where he received his first opportunity as a taquero, mastering the art of crafting the quintessential TJ style taco.


These iconic creations feature a warm, handmade tortilla cradling carne asada al carbón or adobada (al pastor), crowned with a symphony of flavors - salsa, guacamole, and, of course, the classic combination of cilantro and onions.


The result? The perfect taco bite, a harmonious blend of smoky, savory goodness with just the right touch of spiciness, all elegantly balanced by the creamy richness of guacamole. Each bite is a tantalizing journey to the heart of Tijuana, a true testament to the authenticity of the cuisine.

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